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Cordon bleu reloaded - deliciously filled crispy Chicken schnitzel

KARL KEMPER and meat - a long tradition. 

With roulades, roasts or schnitzel we are offering the real meat classics: everyone knows them, and everyone loves them and they should not be missing in any industrial kitchen.

As a saying goes, everyone's tastes are different! This presents a challenge for the out-of-home catering because many different consumer expectations have to be fulfilled.

A balanced offer of classic products and new eating pleasures is essential. And therefore we have reinterpreted the popular and classic Chicken Cordon Bleu and are offering new, deliciously filled, crunchy chicken schnitzel on top of the classics. 

For the production of the new hit products we rely on natural-grown chicken breast fillets and rich fillings made from exquisite raw materials that ensure top-quality meat delight. 

The NEW&CLASSIC range impresses with easy and quick preparation in combi-steamer, pan, deep-fryer or oven.

Let yourself be inspired by our high-quality chicken breast specialties for your menu planning and discover new recipe ideas.

French Style

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Tender schnitzel from chicken breast fillet, filled with spicy ham and cheese, in a classic breading.

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Italian Style


Juicy, cut chicken breast fillet, filled with ricotta and green pesto, harmoniously balanced with cream cheese, cream and spices. Coated with a melon seeds breading.

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South African Style


Tender schnitzel from chicken breast meat, filled with cream cheese and pickled cherry peppers Peppadews, coated in a crispy breading.

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Bavarian Style


A composition of tender, cut chicken breast fillet and an aromatic filling of creamy cream cheese, sour cream and mild sauerkraut. Coated in a soft pretzel breading.

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[Translate to English:] Passend zum Oktoberfest empfehlen wir Ihnen eine Tischgastaktion, die Ihren Umsatz in Schwung bringt.

Unser neu interpretiertes Schmankerl:

Im traditionellen Bavarian Style mit einer Frischkäse-Sauerkraut-Füllung und Brezelpanade wird unser Hähnchen-Knusperschnitzel für Sie zum echten Verkaufsschlager.

Tischgastaktion "Oktoberfest"