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Karl Kemper offers first-class frozen convenience with grill marks look

With the beginning of the warm season, the appetite for delicious barbecue delight is increasing. Karl Kemper presents delicious product highlights from the current range of products, so that frozen convenience can also be served with an authentic grill stripe look, thus providing the right summer feeling in communal and public catering, foodservice and gastronomy sectors.

The frozen food brand Karl Kemper, which belongs to European Convenience Food GmbH, always guarantees first-class product quality of careful craftsmanship combined with trend-conscious, advanced and careful production technology - in line with the motto: "Convenience. Diversity. Tradition since 1975."

Classics Bratwurst and Minced Meat Steak with the fail-safe guarantee

Karl Kemper serves the classics Bratwurst and Minced Meat Steak spicily seasoned and with grill marks look and always with the fail-safe guarantee for an easy and consistent preparation.

Whether made from pure pork meat as "Fine Bratwurst" or as a lactose-free "Poultry Bratwurst": The combi-steamer suitable Karl Kemper products are convincing and the grill marks give them a touch of grilled by yourself.

In addition to the sausage varieties, the traditional brand offers a tender beef meat minced steak that presents itself with grill marks like fresh from the grill. This frozen product is made from finely minced, onion-refined beef meat. The Minced Meat Steak is designed as a further top seller for commercial kitchens and ready to cook for preparation in the combi-steamer or in the pan.

Piquantly spiced party meatballs made from juicy pork meat can be quickly and easily combined with the right ingredients to create the everywhere popular barbecue skewers.

Poultry bratwurst with grill marks

Fine bratwurst of pure poultry meat in collagen casing, aromatically seasoned, with grill marks.

... in 90 g

... in 50 g

Minced beef meat steak with grill marks

Tender beef mince steak, refined with onions. With grill mark look.

... in 120 g

... in 80 g

Party Frikadelle

Party Frikadelle of juicy pork meat, piquantly seasoned home-made style.

specification in 20 g